Welcome to Our Lady Of Lourdes & St Bernadette, Larbert

Mass Arrangements – Vigil Mass is at 6.30pm on Saturday and a single Sunday morning Mass (at 1030).  Children’s Liturgy will be an integral part of the 10.30 Mass each week.    

All of us still need to be conscious of the fact that some Parishioners may not yet have the confidence to return to Church, therefore it is important that we remain aware of each other’s ‘space’ and ensure that a respectful distance is maintained between Households, especially as we Process to Holy Communion.

Your Clergy

Fr. John McInnes

(Monday is Fr. John’s day off. If you can’t contact him please leave a message on the answer machine and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can.)


If you have any questions or concerns around the protection of children or vulnerable adults, please contact our parish Safeguarding Coordinator Paul McLaren on 01324-563667. Email:paulmclaren69@gmail.com

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