Children's Liturgy Group

The Children’s Liturgy Group takes place at the 10:30 am Mass on Sunday morning, and is run by volunteers on a rota basis. All the leaders are PVG registered.

The group has been in existence since 1991. It provides a special liturgy of the Word for children and this is achieved by having regular children’s masses during the year. The Sunday morning mass from late August until the last week of June is designated as a children’s mass and all primary school-aged children are encouraged to take part in the Children’s liturgy.

The Liturgy Group is made up of interested adults who work in teams, sharing the responsibility for this important aspect of the church’s mission for children. The group attempts to reflect the church’s pattern of worship and the distinction between Ordinary Time, Easter and Advent is observed throughout the year.

Stations of the Cross during Lent and a Nativity Play at Christmas time have been two successful developments of the group.

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